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Usa Bigger Neater - Programmed

Genre: experimental grindcore
Label: Defeat Never Victory Forever
Year: 2020
Length: 20:53


01. Burn the fucking System to the ground
02. Corporate media
03. Drunk guy wants to fight
04. Everything except grindcore sucks
05. Hategrind in your face
06. Holy fucking shit here comes the ice cream truck
07. Concrete desert
08. I have a dream...
09. Inner city mortuary
10. It's nothing but a shower
11. Jagerbomb
12. Jehova's slave
13. Krustallnacht
14. Reliable sources
15. Social collapse
16. Spread some fucking chaos
17. Until I die
18. 1776
19. Everybody's gay except for me
20. Arson at the Bat Mitzva
21. Auschwitz grand reopening
22. I beat up niggers and faggots
23. Legalize slavery
24. Shoulda kept 'em segregated
25. Stand against the firing wall
26. This is the song I will listen to when niggers go extinct
27. When science meets hatred
28. Welcome to the Holocaust

28 track grindcore debut physical release from this US strike force.
Recorded between 2011-2014 in the USA.
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