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Britain Xurious

Genre: Electronic / Synthwave
Year: 2017-2018

New tracks (July 2017 - March 2018):

Infinite Saxon (feat. Vanguard) https://youtu.be/M_V2Pt7d4co
Metapolitical War https://youtu.be/yhDFTWJWWOk
The Stranger https://youtu.be/asOOmCcfRkM
Why We Fight https://youtu.be/l9L9IjdE2aw
Finding Our Way Again https://youtu.be/kpMxAXy8t64
We Have Dreamed The Same Dream https://youtu.be/LKjxoMjYeEA
The Forest Of Aiyanar https://youtu.be/8jZ_C33d3dA
Become Who We Are https://youtu.be/juLoU2IDZsA
Memories Of Tomorrow https://youtu.be/dwkXaN6_eXg
Identitarian Love https://vid.me/c5YCv
It's Okay To Be White https://vid.me/5oER4
One Hour From Now https://youtu.be/oRqpBqq27r4
Esothetic https://youtu.be/dfa3dwCIS8w
Political Prisoner https://youtu.be/1SKZegULf5M
Evil Morty Theme (Synthwave Mix) https://youtu.be/jC7Ec_iu_7I
Road **** Nights https://youtu.be/ohQ-8KbYv9c
C-Star https://youtu.be/EGx_hXgpYMM
Europa Weekly https://youtu.be/KRcVXGD0VY4
Generation Of Revenge https://youtu.be/4K64uSgSEio
Men Among The Ruins https://youtu.be/uRHGV1rJ7oE
Liftwaffe https://youtu.be/BK5cPwSHVwQ
Revolt Against The Modern World https://youtu.be/YItUjrGdkh8
New Machine https://youtu.be/Sbto2Ty7aLg
The Future Belongs To Us https://youtu.be/9Ag8p3HdZpU
Dying Society https://youtu.be/EMF7Bc-vjJE



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