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Betrayed Blood
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Usa Jew Slaughter


Country: USA
Genre: RAC
Year: 2002
Label: Holocaust Records
Bitrate: 320
Size: 104
Scans: yes


01. Jew Slaughter
02. SHARP Shooter
03. Fuck Morris Dees
04. Speech: James Wickstorm (I)
05. Mengele's Rig
06. Hooper Detox
07. Jew Slaughter Whore
08. Adolf Hitler
09. Josh's Song
10. Garry's Gotta Knife
11. Again As It Was
12. Alcoholocaust
13. Speech: James Wickstorm (II)

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Nazification of America

Genre: RAC
Label: Antipathy Records
Year: 2013
Bitrate: 128
Size: 25


01. Destroy the jews
02. D.C.B.
03. Nigger loving Slut
04. Hail Josh O'Leary
05. Jew Slaughter rocks
06. Nazification of America
07. White Awake
08. Instrumental
09. Youth of Hitler (Outro)

password: rac-forum.org
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rac, usa

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